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Latest News
  • ICOs and Blockchain companies flock to Cayman
  • Cayman’s regulator issues public advisory on ICOs and cryptocurrencies
  • Cayman introduces Foundation Companies
  • Cayman Law Group participates in The Annual World Tokenomic Forum
  • Contact us to form your Company today
  • Looking for a real estate lawyer in the Cayman Islands, Cayman Law advises on both residential and commercial real estate transactions.
  • Cayman Law Mediation are delighted to add John Delaney, Peter Dengate Thrush, Jonathan Dingle to its panel of mediators
  • Grainne Brady successfully completes course at Harvard Law School on “Mediating Disputes"
  • Cayman Law and Cayman Law Group are delighted to introduce its latest venture “Cayman Law Mediation”.
  • Cayman Law Mediation is delighted to introduce its newest team member – Nigel Stone
  • Important changes to Cayman’s Companies Law regarding beneficial ownership….
  • Cayman Law’s Chris Narborough and Grainne Brady conduct a successful 5-day mediation in Asia between corporate shareholders of a multi-million dollar corporation – August 2016
  • Cayman Law’s Managing Partner Chris Narborough has been recently appointed as President of the Cayman Islands Company Manager’s Association – June 2015